A volunteer community to help special animals find homes.


  • Some animals require more resources. Many animals require more space or socialization before they’re ready to be adopted: the timid, the kennel-scared, the long-timers, or those recovering from serious injury. With shelters on tight budgets and staff who are busy, these animals may fall through the cracks. They become the highest-risk for euthanasia.
  • Kennel presentation. Some wonderful animals don’t show their true personality while in their kennel. Potential adopters tend to pass them by.
  • Volunteer morale. Volunteers often know the animals better than anyone, but may have limited or no influence in terms of how to promote adoptions or have a voice when it comes to hard decisions.
  • Missing out on potential volunteers. There are many capable and motivated animal welfare advocates who would love to help, but who have schedules that do not fit with shelter hours and/or who find a shelter environment difficult.


  • Project Tumbleweed. This will be an extended in-home network of approved volunteers who commit to longer-term animal socialization and rehab to best ready the animal for adoption. We aim to partner with shelters, not become a shelter alternative. That is, we will follow the rules and regulations (regarding medical checkups, adoption policies, etc.) of each animal’s parent shelter.
  • The “VolunCheers!” Program. This service will create promotional videos for animals specifically selected by volunteers. The videos will capture an animal’s personality outside of a kennel to improve the chances of adoption. Videos will be posted via web and social media, and will eventually be displayed at digital kiosks located at the participating shelters or adoption events.
  • Volunteer empowerment. Both programs, VolunCheers! and Project Tumbleweed, allow the volunteer to take a much more active role in each animal’s eventual adoption.
  • Key duties are integrated with volunteers’ home life and regular schedule. The key duties of both VolunCheers! and Project Tumbleweed are done at volunteers’ homes.


We will be establishing Life Plus 1 as a nonprofit organization. Currently, we are in the planning stages and building the team, consulting with experts, and drafting proposals to present to area shelters.

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